a pure African experience at your own pace

From the sun, surf, beaches and the white sands of the coastal islands of Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi, to the classic Kenya Safari of the famous Masai Mara; from the high peaks of Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, to the unbeaten tracks of Lake Turkana and other desert frontiers, experience the culture, wildlife and great beauty of Africa with VILLAGE LIFE SAFARI. We can give you the total African experience.

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Kenya is a country defined by contrasting physical features and its unique flora and fauna. At 580,000 square km, Kenya is the world’s 47th largest country. Straddling the Equator, Kenya is located on the East coast of the African continent, with lands that stretch from the India Ocean into the great plains and mountains of the interior, all the way to Lake Victoria in the west. The great Rift Valley bisects the country, extending for 8,700 km.

Wildlife habitat is extensive in Kenya and includes the famous Massai Mara Nature Reserve. All of the “Big Five” African animals (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros and elephant) can be found in Kenya. Annual animal migrations occur between June and September involving hundreds of thousands of animals.

The climate in Kenya is tropical, but varies from hot/humid at the coast to dry in the northern regions. There are two seasons of rains: moderate rains in October/November/December and heavier rains in April/May/June. However there is a lot of sunshine year-round. Average yearly temperature is about 22 deg C.


VILLAGE LIFE SAFARI allows you safari travel at your own pace. We have no set timelines, we consider your timeline. We provide very experienced guides, the latest 4WDs and all the information to assist you in designing your own safari.

“JAMBO,” welcome to Kenya, we look forward to showing you the best of the African bush, wildlife, culture and hospitality available in Kenya. Let us guide you on a pure African experience, at your own pace.


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We happily customize all safari tours. For safari examples and tour packages, please visit our “Tours” page, or use the sidebar  navigation to select your area of interest.


ADULTS: $160 per day per person
STUDENTS: $140 per day per person


ADULTS: $180 per day per person
STUDENTS: $150 per day per person


ADULTS: $350 per day per person
STUDENTS: $320 per day per person

$450  per day per person

Our prices include airport transfers, accommodation, ground transportation, game drives, all meals, park entry fees, bottled water and a visit to the Maasai Village in Mara. The Luxury Safari price also includes, wine, beer, spa/sauna, candlelit bush dinner and a safari hat. Prices exclude airfare, travel insurance, personal expenses and tips. Travel insurance can be arrange at a small fee. Please see our Booking/Policies page for full details.